Moving Slowly Through The Haze

Getting this up and running has been a slow process. I’m still working on what will be the actual theme as what you see is pretty much something I threw together in a couple of days, getting all the plugins sorted out, and working out a logo with Joe Maiocco. I thought things would move faster but that was just wishful thinking. I hope that by the end of June I’ll have all the bits and bobbles in place and can concentrate on the actual content.

In the meantime I’ve a got another playlist for your Thursday listening pleasure. This one was inspired by the rabbit hole I went down when I heard that Chris LaForge from 30footFall passed away. I thought about doing all Houston or all Texas bands but then I decided to just let the music take me where it would and I ended up with 25 or so songs that I culled down to 14. This is mostly a stream of consciousness compilation. I personally think it goes together alright and I hope it makes your day a little better.

Cover art: Punk CD’s webbed flickr photo by FourthFloor shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

The What, Why, and Where…

I’ve been at the blogging game for a long time. I wrote my first blog site, in 2001 and by that I mean I coded the site as well as writing all the shitty stuff you can still see at I was part of an E/N collective that we called, blogged on various personal domains over the years, and for over half of the last decade I’ve written for the venerable 9 Bullets as Romeo Sid Vicious, I even ran the joint for a couple of years. I’m still taking care of 9B on the technical side and I love the music we’ve covered, I love the people behind the music, and I am more than proud to call many of them friends. Not a single bit of that has changed since 2009 when Autopsy IV (someone I met on the Lucero message board) asked if I wanted to write for the site. However I have changed, I have a much larger family than I did then, a job that’s more demanding of my time, I’ve grown older and require more sleep, and a lot of other various things that place demands on my time. Last year I handed the reigns of 9 Bullets over to Patrick Hayes for the simple fact that I couldn’t handle the time or emotional effort to run the joint anymore.

Some folks may not understand what goes in to running a site, even “just” a music blog, especially on the emotional side. For me it all boils down to this: every record I wanted to write about and couldn’t, every day I didn’t schedule a post, every artist I didn’t make out to see live, every show I didn’t promote on Facebook, and every other exiguous bit weighed on me. I felt like I was letting a lot of people down. In reality I know that everyone, including the artists, knows that life happens and sometimes that means we fall down but that didn’t stop my head from beating me up missing a great show or not being able to find the words to write about a great record. Even now, having pulled back to just handling the technical side of things, there’s a gravity to logging in to 9 Bullets. It wasn’t an easy decision to strike out on my own but if I wanted to continue to write then it was a necessary one.

Through The Whiskey Glass will be a lot of things but most importantly, for this first post, is what it won’t be. I don’t want to recreate 9 Bullets. TTWG is a place for me to write about whatever the hell I want to, to publish the podcast that I’ve been too embarrassed to publish (Drinkin’ About My Daddy), and post playlists. I expect to be a little eccentric in what gets posted for the first while. It will take some time for me to settle in to this new skin and see where it takes me. I’d love it if you’d stick around and see what happens, I may be just as surprised as you are! I do have a podcast to post just as soon as I sort whether I’m self hosting or putting it on a service so you should see that soon. I hope some of you will follow me down this new rabbit hole.