Through The Whiskey Glass is an umbrella under which I. Romeo Sid Vicious, do the Drinkin’ About My Daddy Podcast, put out various mixtapes, and occasionally write things about stuff when I can’t not write. It’s a combination of my personal site, formerly romeosidvicious.com, some of the things I did at 9 Bullets, and some other stuff I want to do. There are no deadlines, no schedules, and no pressure. I am not promising to be a media hub, a music review site, or anything spectacular at all. There will be politics that’ll probably piss you off, there will be music from genres you don’t like, there will be rants that make no sense. This idea has been fomenting for a while and has finally come to fruition. If’n your so inclined then stick around for a bit and watch what happens. If nothing else it’s bound to be amusing.